Should I go to barbering school?

In short, no. We believe that although it is beneficial to go to barbering school, it isn't necessary. Unless you want to learn how to give razor shaves, going to barbering school is not essential to become an accomplished barber. 


What tools should I use?

We put together a list of all of our recommended tools. Click here to view them. 


I’m still not ready to sign up. Is there anything I can do?

Salon owners and managers can request a free barbering demonstration led my Michael himself. Our demos are in partnership with Hanzo Shears, so please expect one of their representatives to be present.  


What will I get from this workshop?

We will cover consultations, fading, and styling in detail. You and your team will have one-on-one guidance and attention as you practice fading on your model. 


Will this workshop teach me how to fade?

Yes! We know that it can be scary to fade hair at first, but also want you to know that it can be easy with a little practice. 


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