Don't know what tools to buy? We've got your back. 

Hanzo Mamba Shears .png

Hanzo Shears | The Mamba | $823

Why we love them: The 6.0 size is great for control and precision



Panasonic Hair Clipper | ER-GP80 K| $179+

Why we love them: The blade has the smoothest glide we’ve ever used



YS Park  282 Comb 23 Comb.jpg

Y.S Park | 282 Comb | $23

Why we love them: The 282 comb is great for shaping and clipper over comb.




YS Park | 332 Comb | $18

Why we love them: The 332 comb is great for shear over comb & detail work. It's also perfect for sectioning and positioning hair. 



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