WORKSHOPS by Michael Barbering 

Fade the Fear Away


Hands-on barbering bootcamps for hair stylists


Our Story

We noticed that hair stylists were losing out on money because they lacked the confidence to create quality barber style cuts.  WORKSHOPS teaches stylists how to earn more money by teaching efficient, yet effective methods of barbering in 4 hours.



In 4 hours, you will develop your skills during your initial consultations, while fading men's hair, and styling your client.  

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Learn To Consult

Around 50% of clients can’t explain what they want. They don’t know about guards and clippers. Learn how to ask the right questions to give your clients their best cut. 

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Learn To Fade

Learn how to to a fade in 4 to 5 steps. By knowing your measurements, you can cut your time in half using the right formula.


Learn To Style

Understand what product goes in what type of hair in order to achieve the look you’re going for.


Course Materials

Michael Barbering Model

A Model

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Michael Barbering Clipper

Taper Clipper with Lever

Michael Barbering Comb



Don't know what tools to buy?



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*Demonstrations are in association with Hanzo Shears; 
a representative will be present.